👂 Body Of Us

An exercise and reflection on friendly relationships. For the Swiss contribution to the London Design Biennale 2018.


Entangled Things 💡

An ongoing series of web connected everyday things. Friendly supported by the Ausserrhodische Kulturstiftung in 2017.


🌈 Futureproofing

Connecting everyday objects and their owners in a magical IoT-network.  Contribution to the conference „Embedded Digitalities“ by the German Association of Cultural Anthropology and the Swiss Association of Volkskunde.


Rabbit Prototyping 🐇

Questioning human centred design approaches by applying its methods to bunnies. Workshop 2018

Photo: Josephine Weber

Hot Tub ♨️

Stealing an Icelandic tradition. 2016

Photo: Diana Pfammatter

🥂 Ræuber&Stehler